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Horizontal Infrastructure

 Accelerate Maryland Partners, AMP.

Accelerate Maryland Partners (AMP) is a collaborative team led by Transurban and Macquarie Capital, renowned global leaders in the development and execution of public-private partnerships (P3s). As the Lead Project Developer and Equity Members, they bring their extensive expertise and track record to drive the success of AMP.

Arkadia proudly commenced its collaboration with Maryland Department of Transportation, AMP and CAPO Projects Group on a monumental P3 project in Maryland, the I-495 Express Lanes & Northern Extension. This project represents one of the largest initiatives in the state, aiming to enhance transportation infrastructure and connectivity. Through this partnership, Arkadia contributes its specialized knowledge and experience to support the realization of this transformative project.

San Diego Association of Governments, SANDAG.

In 2021, Arkadia and Associates successfully obtained an On-Call Professional and Technical Construction Management Engineering Services Contract. This collaboration involves partnering with Anser Advisory and a select group of firms to provide the Agency with expert professional and technical staff augmentation services. This contract allows Arkadia and Associates to leverage their expertise and resources to support the Agency's construction management needs effectively. 

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, LACMTA.

In 2019, Arkadia and Associates achieved a significant milestone by securing their first contract as a sub-consultant on the KTJV PMSS Bench Contract in collaboration with LACMTA (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority). Throughout this engagement, Arkadia has worked closely with various MTA departments and Caltrans to review, coordinate, and manage a range of Highway and Transit Projects.

Notably, Arkadia's involvement encompassed the management of the I-5 North Capacity Enhancement Project, which stands as one of the largest undertakings within their portfolio. This highway project encompasses multiple disciplines, including Real Estate, Right-of-Way Acquisition, 3rd Party Coordination, Drainage, Roadway, Structures, and Advanced Utility Relocation. With an estimated value exceeding one billion dollars, encompassing design, construction, coordination, management, and Caltrans indirect costs, the I-5 North CEP represents a significant endeavor in terms of scale and complexity. Arkadia's contribution to this project has been instrumental in ensuring its successful execution.

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Strong Kids Medical Group, Inc.

Arkadia and Associates played a vital role in assessing the extent of damage to the Strong Kids Medical Group office in Santa Ana. We conducted thorough evaluations of both the structural elements and façade, and executed essential repairs to restore the building to its optimal condition. Our team skillfully managed the construction activities, ensuring the safety and functionality of the office. Through our expertise and assistance, we successfully accomplished the restoration and enhancement of the building, providing a secure and improved environment for the Strong Kids Medical Group.

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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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