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Who We Are


Angelica R. Kroesch, ENV SP, LEED and AIA Associate

Founder & CEO

Influenced by her formative years spent amidst the construction sites where her father's projects materialized, this Renaissance Woman realized her vision by establishing Arkadia in California and later expanding to Maryland. Over the last two decades, Angelica, the founder of Arkadia, has undertaken an extraordinary path of development. Commencing as a CAD Tech, she diligently amassed expertise under the guidance of esteemed managers and engineers, consistently working towards advancing infrastructure and transportation development throughout the United States. Rooted in a profound commitment to progress, Angelica's fervor and unwavering dedication have propelled Arkadia, leaving a lasting imprint on the industry.


Trevor R Kroesch


Currently not involved in the daily activities unless Contractor Related work, he's an integral role as a mentor, supporter and resource.

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James Mock

Senior Scheduling Engineer

Jimmy has twenty-five years of experience as a Project Controls Engineer in the field of heavy industrial construction for scheduling, cost analysis, and project management.  His experience has contributed to the delivery of successful project execution from Washington, DC to Toledo, OR with values that ranged from 20 million dollars to over 4 billion dollars.



At Arkadia, our team comprises highly skilled and devoted professionals, each contributing their distinct expertise and background to our collaborative efforts. United by a shared commitment to excellence, we work together to achieve exceptional outcomes for our clients. Here are key members of our team:

Angelica Boca-Kroesch (Founder and CEO):
Bringing extensive experience in the construction industry and a fervor for infrastructure development, Angelica founded Arkadia with the vision of creating a positive impact in the field. Her leadership, knowledge, and determination serve as driving forces behind our company's success.

James Mock (Project Controls Manager):
As an accomplished manager, James oversees the planning, execution, and successful completion of our projects. His keen attention to detail and focus on delivering projects on time and within budget are instrumental in our project management.

Nicusor Geana (Construction Supervisor):
Leading our on-site construction teams, Nick ensures projects are implemented safely, efficiently, and up to the highest quality standards. His adept management skills contribute to the seamless operation of construction processes.

Bill Grauten (Estimator):
Drawing on his expertise in accurately estimating project costs and providing detailed financial analysis, Bill plays a crucial role in assisting our clients with informed decisions regarding project feasibility and budgeting.

These professionals represent just a snapshot of the exceptional individuals comprising our Arkadia team. Together, we amalgamate our skills, knowledge, and dedication to deliver outstanding results, consistently surpassing our clients' expectations.

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