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I-405 Visual Screen Placement

The collaborative project between LACMTA and Caltrans, known as the Interstate 405 Visual Screen Placement, was initiated to prevent the headlights of traffic on the 405 Freeway from shining into a medium height residential building constantly. The project is driven by stakeholders, with Arkadia and Associates leading the way in managing its initiation and completion for construction, along with support from LACMTA's Brad Owen and Maher Subeh.


Soundwall Package 10

The project aims to construct sound walls at three different locations, totaling approximately 16,000 feet. These locations include Route 134 from about 150 feet East of Placidia Av to Sancola Av in the City of Los Angeles, as well as eastbound and westbound Route 210 from Fair Oaks Av to Wilson Av in the City of Pasadena, and from Baldwin Av to about 500 feet East of Santa Anita Av in the City of Arcadia. To streamline the delivery of this construction package, A & A has provided support to Brad Owen and Doug Sing in preparing and developing the REQ for the CSSC. Coordination between various departments, including environmental, real estate, legal, right of way, quality, and risk, was crucial to its success. Bruce Warrensford and Ivan Page lead the Procurement Management team, which is responsible for the project's delivery. The project is currently in the construction stage, and construction activities are anticipated to begin in the summer of 2023.

SW Package 10.jpg

I-605 Beverly Interchange Improvements

The Southbound I-605 Beverly project aims to improve the operations of the interchange by enhancing regional traffic flow, travel time, and public safety through on/off ramp improvements. The project features a modified diamond configuration, which includes a southbound loop on-ramp and a retaining wall next to the western right-of-way line adjacent to Union Pacific Railroad and a privately-owned parcel. The southbound I-605 collector-distributor road will be removed from the mainline, and the new ramps will merge/diverge directly from the mainline. Additionally, a new intersection will be created on Beverly Boulevard at the southbound ramps, providing access to all directions. Arkadia and Associates has played a crucial role in streamlining coordination between Caltrans, LACMTA design, and its multidisciplinary departments.

I-605 Beverly_edited_edited.jpg

I-5 North County Enhancement Project

The project's primary objective is to alleviate congestion in the Santa Clarita Valley by implementing operational and safety enhancements along the Interstate 5 (I-5) freeway in the northern part of Los Angeles County, from the State Route 14 (SR-14) interchange in Santa Clarita to just south of Parker Rd in Castaic. These enhancements include:

  • Addition of one High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)/carpool lane in each direction along I-5.

  • Extension of the northbound truck lane from SR-14 to Calgrove Boulevard.

  • Addition of southbound truck lane from Calgrove Blvd to SR-14.

  • Addition of soundwalls at four locations.

  • Replacement of Weldon Canyon Bridge.

  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) upgrades between the I-405 and I-210.

  • Addition of auxiliary lanes (additional outside lanes extending between an on-ramp and a subsequent off-ramp).

To lead and develop the Independent Cost Estimate and Constructability Review during the planning, initiation, design, and execution phases of the I-5 CEP, Arkadia and Associates was retained to provide Staff Augmentation Services for the Project Management role with the support of Tim Lindholm, Brad Owen and Paul Sullivan.

The safety of the freeway will be improved by increasing access for merging and providing trucks with a separate lane from the general-purpose lanes (GPLs) through these enhancements. To deliver the I-5 North CEP to the Contracting team, Arkadia and Associates had to perform various tasks, including contract administration, risk management assessment, bid document preparation and coordination, development of SBE and DBE goals in collaboration with LACMTA staff, coordination and implementation of ROW requirements with the Real Estate Team, initiation and management of Cooperative Agreements with other agencies, timely meetings and record-keeping, and close coordination with the design and environmental team. This project is now in the construction phase, lead by Paul Sullivan, LACMTA.

I-5 MAP.jpg

In 2019, Arkadia and Associates were encouraged by their loved ones to take a significant step towards obtaining and retaining contracts with both agencies and contractors. With a focus on hard work, extensive experience, innovation, and a commitment to equity and sustainability, we look forward to collaborating and elevating our industry to new heights.

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